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Thursday, 16 October 2014

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Favourite champions

In League of Legends I played Ashe in the introduction. But for some reason I ended up buying Ryze instead, and I had no idea he scaled on mana or what to build or how to farm, so I just went around dying to bots. I have never played any moba-games before this, so keep in mind I was entirely new to the genre. I had this mindset that online games were all horrible. But anyway skipping the uninteresting parts, I saved up and decided to buy Tryndamere. I was bad and I have to say I am still horrible at this champion... On a free rotation I played Vayne, and it just clicked. I was saving for the new champion Jinx but decided to buy Vayne instead. She was the first champion I really enjoyed playing and worked on understanding her, because I still didn't really understand what the game was about, how to build or how to lane with her against different match-ups. Then it's kind of a mist and I rushed to get level 30 to start ranked. Very bad idea. Was placed in Silver 4 in pre-season, but man I should have been Bronze V. I could only play Vayne (and not very well, what is kiting?), and I played all kinds of champs and roles I had never played before and failed miserably at it. I'm not sure any of this is important really so let's just jump to the list before I ramble even more...

1. Riven the Exile

2. Katarina the Sinister Blade

3. Vayne the Night Hunter

4. Nidalee the Beastial Huntress

Will update with more later :) Also I like AD Nidalee a lot more than the AP.


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